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Almost 30

Drop Perfectionism + Be Yourself in Relationships

Almost 30
Almost 30
In this solo episode, Krista talks about how relationship (whether friendship, romantic or familial) breakups and endings can provide you with an opportunity to grow and be who you really are, as well as reclaim the parts of you that have been lost and step into more magnetism and truth. 
Recently, she vulnerably shared about the ending of her 10-year partnership and in this episode, she dives into conscious uncoupling. Instead of trying to be perfect or make someone else be perfect, sometimes setting each other free is the greatest act of love. In the end, if it’s best for you, it’s best for them too. 
While your decisions might not make sense to others, if you hear the call, it's important to listen, process and act on your truth. 
We also talk about:

Ending relationships 

Stepping into truth + love 

Respecting the process

How to support your friends 

Making hard decisions

Letting go of people pleasing tendencies

Being yourself in relationships

How perfectionism is not love

Liberating the other person + yourself 


Instagram: @itskrista

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