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On Auschwitz

"On Auschwitz" (17): prisoners with purple triangles - Jehovah’s Witnesses in Auschwitz

On Auschwitz
On Auschwitz

Activities by the Jehovah’s Witnesses were banned in the Third Reich in 1933 because of the Witnesses’ religious principles and pacifistic views, as well as their organization’s international connections. As a result, many of them were imprisoned in concentration camps.

Teresa Wontor-Cichy from the Auschwitz Memorial Research Center talks about the history and fate of some 400 Jehovah’s Witnesses incarcerated in the camp.


In the picture:

A German Jehovah’s Witness Marta Proppe born on 26 December 1899
In #Auschwitz from 12 November 1942 No. 24418
She was transferred to KL Gross-Rosen. She survived. 

On Auschwitz
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