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The Psychology Podcast

Aaron Rabinowitz & Callie Wright || What We Get Wrong About Transgender People

The Psychology Podcast
The Psychology Podcast

Today we welcome Aaron Rabinowitz and Callie Wright.

Aaron is a lecturer in philosophy at Rutgers University. He hosts the Embrace The Void and Philosophers in Space podcast. He specializes in ethics, metaethics, and problems surrounding AI and personhood. He earned his M.A. in Philosophy from Colorado State University.

Callie is a freelance audio producer and the host of the Queersplaining podcast. They are non-binary trans person.

In this episode, I talk to Aaron and Callie about gender and trans issues. When it comes to transgendered folk, we tend to focus on extreme examples that are far removed from reality. Some people think being transgender is a social contagion, while others reject the reality of gender altogether. Callie shares how transitioning has allowed them to become their most authentic self. Aaron sheds light on the issues of consent, autonomy, identity, and medical ethics. Both Callie and Aaron recognize that specific topics can negatively skew public opinion, which is why addressing misconceptions and highlighting the lived experiences of trans men, women, and non-binary individuals are crucial to the conversation.

Website: voidpod.com & queersplaining.com

Twitter: @ETVPod & @calliegetsit


03:15 Introducing Callie

05:14 Introducing Aaron

08:27 Callie coming out as trans

17:06 Ideology over science

23:32 Transphobia is real

25:28 Social contagion and moral panic

33:29 Pushing the anti-trans agenda

35:56 “Have a trans child or a dead child”

41:13 Extreme trans activists

47:13 The gender critical movement

44:47 The world operates on gender, not sex

51:29 What does it feel like to be a trans woman?

55:50 Subjectivity of gender and identity

1:02:06 Why we gatekeep identities

1:06:30 Trans people in sports

1:23:58 Sex and gender differences

1:32:47 Gender-affirming care

1:39:44 Puberty blockers and transitioning

1:42:38 Medical ethics and barriers to access

1:49:21 Parental consent vs child autonomy

1:52:17 There is harm in waiting and seeing

2:07:55 Irreversible changes in puberty

2:11:43 Teaching gender in school

2:15:26 Wokeness is misappropriated

2:17:42 Final thoughts

The Psychology Podcast
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