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The Psychology Podcast

What is Intelligence? || The Human Potential Lab

The Psychology Podcast
The Psychology Podcast

Welcome to The Human Potential Lab! In this special series of The Psychology Podcast, I will be doing solo episodes answering your burning questions about the mind, brain, human behavior, and human potential.

In the first episode of this series, I will be tackling a question I’ve been obsessed with virtually my entire life: What is Intelligence?

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve wondered what it means to be smart. Does it simply mean high IQ? Are there other ways of being intelligent? Do multiple intelligences exist? What does it mean to be generally intelligent? As a kid I was placed into special education due to an auditory learning disability which I eventually outgrew. I would look around and see greater potential among all my friends in special ed than other people gave them credit for.

This ignited my passion for understanding intelligence, which carried me through to college where I started to scientifically study this fascinating topic, and I have been studying this topic ever since. I understand that the science of intelligence can be a controversial topic, but in today’s episode I’m just going to focus on the facts and the science, and attempt to show you why this topic is so fascinating and so important to study for a broader understanding of how to unlock the potential of all people.

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01:28 What is intelligence?

02:43 History of IQ tests

05:06 The g factor

11:40 IQ and academic achievement

15:21 Theory of Multiple Intelligences

27:17 Theory of Successful Intelligence

30:06 Talent or intelligence?

32:46 Emotional intelligence

39:26 External factors affecting achievement

40:31 Gifted education

41:29 Theory of Personal Intelligence

45:45 There are infinite intelligences

The Psychology Podcast
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