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Generasjon bra nok



Welcome to the first ever English episode of this podcast!

In this episode we are so blessed to have Stephanie on, where she shares not only her incredible wisdom on todays topic which is anixety, but she is also brining her amazing energy, the most beautiful laughter and some of the most special perspectives on anxiety and mental health that will blow your mind.

We are talking about a new way of understanding anxiety and panic attacks, we are giving you the best tools to start your journey on healing your anxiety and also giving you the best tips on how to help you loved one with anxiety.

I am so happy and grateful hat you’re here, weather you’ve listened to this podcast before or if you’re a new international friend just popping in to listen to the gorgeous guest we have on the show today.

In advance, thank you for keeping up with my Norwegian English, I might stumble upon my own words little with my imperfect Norwegian accent, so you just laugh with me on those parts, okey?

Thank you so much for being here, weather you’re a regular listener or an international listener wanting to stop by and say hi.
I hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did while making it.