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Losing 100 Pounds with Corinne

Underworking vs. Overworking


It feels like shit to work hard and not see the scale move.

It's defeating to put in three weeks of hard work only to find yourself face down in pizza on Friday after a tough week.

Why doesn't hard work just WORK?

Well, it's because you've never been taught that OVERWORKING is worse than UNDERWORKING.

In weightloss, we’re more likely to overwork ourselves in the beginning and then quit the moment something doesn't "go right." Things like:

-The scale doesn't move.

-Something bad happens in life.

-You see some results and then reward yourself with food (so you can "take it easy" for a minute).

After years of overworking on diets, I learned that my brain wasn’t ready for all those changes I tried to make. What I needed were changes I could build upon. Small ones where I could easily tell myself, "Look, you're doing it. So what's next?"

In today's podcast, I teach you 3 ways to avoid overworking so you can lose weight like a BOSS. You'll learn...

✅ Three words you must stop using when you take small, doable actions to lose weight.

✅ The one word worse than the F-bomb you are using right now that keeps you feeling punished, bad, and like you can't get your shit together.

✅ One simple question to use when you need to figure out how to do something you don't want to do.

Listen to Epidode 247: Underworking Versus Overworking right now.

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