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The Minimalists Podcast

Boxes of Stuff

The Minimalists Podcast
The Minimalists Podcast

The Minimalists talk about holding on to boxes of sentimental items. Listen to all 2 hours of episode 374 on The Minimalists Private Podcast.

Discussed in this episode:

How do we find the strength to let go of significantly sentimental items or find the peace to keep them? (01:47)

Isn’t our reliance on the ‘rules’ of others simply a lack of our own discipline? (15:02)

What is your perspective regarding discipline? (18:10)

How do you record podcasts when much of your staff works and lives remotely? (20:16)

How do we convince loved ones that we truly don’t want physical gifts? (24:02)

How do we create effective boundaries that others actually recognize and respect? (26:42)

Detailed show notes: minimalists.com/podcast

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The Minimalists Podcast
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