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Almost 30

How to Create the Parent-Child Relationship You Wish You Had

Almost 30
Almost 30
Parent-child relationships can feel (and be!) hard. That’s why today we welcome Dr. Shefali, acclaimed clinical psychologist and bestselling author, who specializes in the integration of Western psychology and Eastern philosophy. In her latest book, The Parenting Map, Dr. Shefali offers a profoundly practical and groundbreaking parenting solution that helps parents actualize their deepest desire for their children (Hint: The want for your children to be happy and healthy has more significance than you might think). 
The Almost 30 community lives with pure intentions, so why should parenting be any different? In this episode, K+L chat with Dr. Shefali about breaking generational patterns, empowering children and in the process, transforming your own life.  
This episode is truly for everyone, no matter if you currently identify as a parent, aspire to be one, or child. 
We also talk about:
Conscious parenting + intentional connection
Over identifying with being a parent + martyrdom 
Breaking generational patterns
Identifying the ego in your approach
Rethinking how we choose to discipline
Looking at our own childhood wounds
Facebook: Dr. Shefali

Instagram: @doctorshefali

TikTok: doctorshefali

YouTube: Dr. Shefali

Book: The Parenting Map

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